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Mar. 10th, 2015

Just trying my new LJ app to tell you all HAPPY BIRTHDAY REMUS LUPIN. You can now return to your daily lives.

2015 update!

Hello all!

So, it's been a while, I'm terribly sorry it's been so long. People were asking about me and I forgot my password and all these silly things.

I've moved home, to a new flat in Chesham, London - closer to work and I've got a Remus Lupin roleplaying tumblr which is the real reason I've been absent, I sorta got sucked in.

However, it does mean I have some new/semi new artwork to show since I've been absent. So, here's a sketch dump for you!

Teddy, Victoire and Tonks under cutCollapse )

Who knows, just updating this might make me come back on tomorrow, I'm just awful at doing things.

Big News

Sorry I haven't been here, but life has got incredibly busy my end, work and family and everything else.

But I just wanted you all to know that I finally got engaged last night :)

I am hoping I will be here more often, but we're also moving house at the end of the month and just so much is going on so yep. Big times. I hope you are all well and maybe I'll be back online more to show you things I've been up to, though it's mostly been writing.

Missed you guys,

Love Soph.


My tweets


I'm alive

Hi, I just wanted to tell you i'm alive.

So, here's some stuff to tell you, just a few bits, since the beginning of June:
I hate hayfever
It's trying to kill me
I've been off work for two days and ill the last fourdays because it's just so awful
So yeah, boo!

Otherwise, I'm fine :D Just sleepy tired and ill. I will pos a proper update tomorrow when I'm feeling awake. Love you all!

Art: Protecting All Others

Crossposted to RT_snapshots
TItle: Protecting All Others
Warnings: Spoilers for the fanfic? lol
Summary: Tonks pays a visit to Grimmauld Place and finds a lot more going on than she bargained for. Original fic here
Notes: Two images for this one, (I spoilt the author lol) one not coloured, the other coloured for the wonderful gilpin25 I like the first one, the sketchy one, I like the scene, and those aware of the fanfic will be like, OOH it's that bit.

The second, Remus and Tonks looking at each other whilst Molly looking on based upon the line "They seemed to have had an entire conversation without exchanging a word"

So, yeah, enjoy people. I hope you like.

They seemed to have had an entire conversation without exchanging a word"Collapse )
“I was hoping it was you, Tonks. I wonder if I might borrow you when you can spare a minute?Collapse )

Also, quick question everyone, I've been hiding these pictures under lj-cuts cause, you know, they're rather big and evil to bandwidth. Should I give you a small preview or just leave it as it is? I think people might be missing them if they're just scrolling past?

Just a thought, I know I scroll like crazy usually...anyway, let me know :D

Art: Sleeping Lions

TItle: Sleeping Lions
Warnings: Remus/Sirius SFW as they're just sleeping.
Summary: “Should we move them?” “Nah Wormy, just go get the camera…”
Notes: Another art request from tamewerewolf yay :D they look so peaceful! Probably set during fifth year before the prank and things go belly up from there for these two (in my headcanon anyway)

“Should we move them?” “Nah Wormy, just go get the camera…”Collapse )

Art: Wait Your Turn

Title: Wait Your Turn
Warnings: Baby bump kissing :D
Summary: “Remus, I think you’ve been kissing our baby long enough, is it my turn yet?”
Notes: for tamewerewolf on tumblr as requested :D Tonks's amused face is my favourite part.

“Remus, I think you’ve been kissing our baby long enough, is it my turn yet?”Collapse )

Art: Not Teenagers Anymore

Title: Not Teenagers Anymore
Rating & Warnings: Remus/Sirius soo...if man/man affection bothers you, turn away but it's SFW
Summary: "It can't be like it was we're not teenagers anymore." "Then why are you still looking at me like you used too?"
Notes: Well, this is new for Soph. I wanted to try a different pairing in the fandom one that I did, when I was a teenager myself, really enjoyed and love, but as I matured personally felt it wouldn't work (very very unhealthy and angsty) and obviously, with R/T turning up...

So yes, my throwback to my feelings about Remus/Sirius are here to stay, lets give the boys a try?

It can't be like it was we're not teenagers anymore.Collapse )

Art: The Woman of His Dreams

Title: The Woman of His Dreams
Rating & Warnings: G
Summary: Remus married Tonks quietly in the north of Scotland, with witnesses' taken from the local wizarding tavern. He continued to fear that the stigma attached to him would infect his wife and wished for no fanfare around their union. He swung constantly between elation that he was married to the woman of his dreams and terror of what he might have brought upon them both. - Pottermore, JKR
Notes: huldrejenta and I were talking over comments about wizarding life expectancy being 137 and three quarters. So I drew our favourite werewolf and his pink haired auror in their 'hundreds' :D
I haven't decided an age, and it was sooo difficult to age them so yeah, I hope I did this justice.

We also said that even though Tonks could meta' and change into a younger self if she fancied it we believed she wouldn't and would want to match her husband sooo..hence the white hair :D Enjoy!

elation that he was married to the woman of his dreamsCollapse )
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